Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Crisp Fall Run

Cozy with the RoSK Pouch on the Stroller
We had an ABSOLUTELY. BEAUTIFUL. AFTERNOON. Seriously, Seattle was like fall looks in the movies.  Sunlight beaming through gold and crimson leaves, crisp clear air with a chilly edge.  Sun setting over the mountains.  The Bean and I have been getting out most afternoons for a long walk with the dog, but today called for something more exciting.  So, we mixed it up with a longer jaunt- a run down to the lake, around, and back. 

The Bean was a great sport and despite being tired from her nap strike, managed to stay happy and cozy the whole way (4 miles).  There was a lot of "woof" "woof" coming from the stroller as she intermittently saw dogs of all colors, shapes and sizes.  She also screeched with glee when she saw birds and airplanes.  Even though I was out of breath and hating it, I couldn't help but smile and really enjoy the moment. 

The Celebratory, Post-run Swing!
I was so glad to see so many other people out enjoying the weather too: family photoshoots in the leaves, a mom and kids having a picnic dinner, and a ton of people out exercising.  We gave a shout out to a mamma with a turquoise super woobee!  Woot!

Winter is right around the corner- time to get out there and enjoy fall while it lasts!


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