Thursday, October 6, 2011

While You Are Out...

Like a wild fire, news channels of all kinds are spreading the sad reality of Steve Jobs death. I am not a techy person (on any level), and would not have known it if I had been standing right next to Jobs. But the news of his death has me far more emotional than I would have ever imagined. Why? Obviously what he has done as a business man is out of this world, but for me it seems to be deeper than that.

Anyone dying of cancer is sad, including Steve Jobs. My father died of lung cancer and I often relive those last moments anytime I hear another life has fallen to the same sort of unfortunate death. My heart breaks for his family and loved ones. But when a whole world morns the loss of one human you can almost feel the vibration of sadness in the air. I find it overwhelming.

Computers have changed my life (specifically smart phones), and although Steve Jobs is not solely responsible for this I know he was a game changer. As a mom and business owner, being able to receive emails on my phone improved the quality of life for my whole family. No longer was I tied to my desk waiting for an email from a supplier or buyer. I was able to go to the park with my kids, the grocery store, or any where else I needed to go. While I was out I could check and respond to anyone! Frickin' brilliant!! I just know Steve Jobs ability to push the envelope somehow encouraged this.

There is also emotion around losing a genius mind at such a young age. Tragic for everyone. Who knows what else this man would have done with another 20 years. I can only imagine.

So while you are 'out' Steve, you will clearly be missed. But I do hope you have somehow past the torch to others that will continue your legacy. The world is now dependent on what your mind designs. RIP.

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  1. I feel the same way...I am very sad about this death and I lost my mom over 4 years ago..I know that Steve Jobs has made unbelievable differences in many people lives..I agree he will be missed and I hope that someone can continue the legacy