Monday, September 12, 2011

Book Report: 15 Minutes Outside

The Book: 15 Minutes Outside, 365 ways to get out of the house and connect with your kids, by Rebecca P. Cohen  

The premise: A mom makes a New Year's resolution to get outside every day for 15 minutes with her two young boys. 

Things I liked:
  • The month-by-month format, and corresponding seasonal summaries are a great way to organize the 365 activities.  You can just skip to the pertinent season, without needing to read the whole book.
  • She left her corporate job to start a landscaping consulting business, and there are a number of activities in the book that incorporate gardening with kids according to the seasons. 
  • There is a good range of activities, from free stuff in your backyard , to small investments (magnifying glass or hula hoops) to activities in your area (find a marina, pick apples or pumpkins) to more involved options (make a birdhouse). 

Honestly, I could really only see myself doing 1 in 5 or so of the activities.  If my math is right, I guess that's still 73 actionable ideas so maybe I shouldn't complain!  My favorites were the gentle reminders to just do what you were going to do anyway, just outside.  For example, picnic or study outside in the fall or spring when it is nice weather, or have cocoa or play a game outside in the winter. 

Rebecca's website has a free download of 50 things you can do outside with your kids as well as a guide for starting an outdoor classroom (garden) at your child's school.

What will you do with 15 minutes outside with your kiddo today?


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  1. Walk to & from school with my girls. This is a nice way to squeeze in some outdoor time.