Tuesday, September 20, 2011

SWOOP, I love!

Sorry for the lame job posting. The office is in crazy town getting ready for the ABC Kids Show in Kentucky taking place later this week. We're very excited to have the RoSK booth there (#529 for those attending) & SUPER excited to be introducing our new Pouch carrier cover & new fall colors...we also have new pricing people:)

So I've got to get back to packing, BUT I met with this great Seattle mom/designer last week and I am IN LOVE with her product - SWOOP bags. Seriously crazy for the bright, rich colors Sarah has chosen and literally my girls put everything in them. Dress up clothes, stuffed animals, I hear they're great for logo's, & my personal favorite - the endless supply of library books! Stuff the bags full & cinch them up. Now I don't mind having the girls things in the living room...I actually prefer it:) Check 'em out. Another smart product from another smart mom.

Have some great products you love? Tell us, please.

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