Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Camping with Kids : location, location, location

In my last post I was packing to go camping for the weekend (with my trusty Camping Bin). It was a wonderful weekend & everyone had a blast! What made it so frickin' awesome? Crescent Beach is the perfect spot for our family, and after years of camping the one thing I've learned about having a successful trip - it's all about location!

Age Appropriate Locations

We've been camping with the girls since Ava was 3 months old (she's now 9), & we've had many fabulous trips & a few gnarly ones. What made the difference was the location of the camp site. When choosing the right location consider what you & your family like to do for fun & relaxation. Also consider the stage you children are in. Here are a few suggestions that may help you have a smoother end-of-summer trip :

Crawlers - if you have a crawler you might want to consider a grassy camping spot over one with lots of dirt/sand. Unless you & your baby are cool with an ever present cloud of dust around (think Pigpen from Charlie Brown), the grass allows a safe & cleaner place to play. I'm a BIG fan of dirt, but after a few days it can get a bit much. Try some state parks with lakes. Often they have great camping spots on grassy lawns.

Bolters - my daughter Lola was a bolter as a toddler. She would take off without a sound & scare the bejeezus out of me on a regular basis. During this troubling stage, we stayed away from beaches with heavy beach breaks & camping next to rivers. It just wasn't relaxing trying to always have an eye on her. Floatation devices were always  on if we were close to a body of water.

Swimmers - We always take life vests when camping near water. Our girls aren't great swimmers but LOVE the water. Our rule is they must wear the life vests if they are in the ocean, or want to go in water deeper than their thighs. The girls also have full length wet suits to play in. I highly recommend this if you live where the water is chilly. Not only does it keep them warm for all day water play, they make great sun protection. You can often find used suits at local rental stores or at the Goodwill.
I'd love to hear suggestions/feedback from other happy campers:)

- Heather

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