Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dude, where are my keys?

Genius Key Gizmo
To get outside, you need to get out of the house first. One of my obstacles lately has been "losing” my keys. Oh, they’re around somewhere, but I have to look in a bunch of different places to locate them, which wastes time and makes me late. Or late-er I guess, since I’m also gathering up snacks, sunscreen and gear for my 11 month-old Bean.  

And it happens embarrassingly often lately.

Is this the dreaded “mom brain” that people describe? Maybe! But probably not. It’s more likely that I don’t have a good system for my keys anymore. I sometimes use a purse, sometimes a backpack, and I usually just use the diaper bag.  Plus I leave the house at many different times to go to lots of different places.  

What did I do BEFORE I had the Bean? I spent some time thinking about this today. In addition to having a lot more consistency in my life, I remembered that I also had a genius gizmo in one of my bags. It was so simple, just a clip on an elastic cord that the smarties at Orla Kiely thought up and sewed right into the lining.  

So, I’m back to this bag. I also purchased similar clips (carabiners would work great too) and elastic at the fabric store to install in several of my other bags (the diaper bag being most critical). I’ll let you know how it works out tomorrow when I need to leave the house!

How do you keep your keys “found”?  Anything else you regularly "lose" on your way out the door?  What are your systems?



  1. My kids are older now, so I don't have the 'bag juggling' issue. But I am generally still crazy every time I leave the house. We have a basket in our kitchen that is a catch all for items in my hand when I come in the door. It saves me!

  2. Hidden keys. One in a magnet box on the car, one at home, and a backup at the neighbors. I'd have been so stuck without that backup system while my kids were small and I was sleep deprived.