Thursday, August 4, 2011

Camping with Kids (packing, packing, & more packing...)

Hi. Welcome to the first of many post on 'Out We Go!'. Amy & I are crazy excited to share our ideas & experiences on being out in the world with kids. Be forewarned, I suck at spelling & basic rules of grammar. If you ridicule me, I will stop posting. So be kind people.

Camping. My husband & I love to camp/be outdoors. It reminds us of our lives before we had our kids (deep sign). What is shocking is how much organization it takes to have a successful camping trip. How do I measure 'success' for our family? We all have ample water/rec time, ate decent food with minimal prep time, & the overall experience didn't trample my OCD tendencies to death (chaos is NOT my friend). In order to achieve this camping utopia it takes some planning.

In our house Ron handles the 'equipment', ie surf boards, paddle boards, boogie boards, bikes, tent, stoves/grills, bedding, coolers, packing of the van, etc. I organize the food, anything used to eat or cook with, clothing, & downtime items. No one gets off easy. Both are laborious tasks. The key to make my job easy, the Camping Bin.

The Camping Bin has everything you might need for a 'successful' trip. Cutting board, pots/pans, silverware, knives, extra plastic bags, coffee filter, wine/beer opener, spices/condiments, cups, you get the picture. Here's the key though, keep a list taped inside for gentle reminders of what you use and when you get home wash everything & put it back in. Presto! It's ready to go for next time. Below is our Bin from last year. Looks like someone may have pilfered it. Good thing I LIST! Oh yeah!
Our Camping Bin, first time out this year!

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  1. Kudos to your camping bin! My goal is to pack for a trip and actually use everything I bring. I tend to over pack and am vowing to bring less on our next trip. To help, my son volunteered to wear just one pair pajamas for the week. Seems like a plan to me!