Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Exercise with the kids. Crazy?

My girls are now 6.5 & 9 years old. Now that they are biking well & love being in the water I have discovered some great opportunities to get off my butt & exercise with them (I made plenty of excuses when they were younger). What are we doing together? The girls ride their bikes alongside me on my runs around Greenlake, which on nice days it's a bit like the video game Frogger. They are also putting on their wetsuits & lifejackets to going paddle boarding with me. I paddle around with them on the board until I feel I've got in a good workout & then we go to the middle of the lake where I let them swim...they have also been doing some paddling of their own.

The downside of bringing them along for my workouts is that I need to focus on them too & I don't get to zone out. I must admit it can suck the relaxation right out of the whole experience. The cool thing is not only are they wreaking the physical benefits, but they also get to witness me actually 'enjoying' the exercise - we all know the importance of modeling desired behavior. 

Lola going for a paddle, age 6

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