Monday, August 8, 2011

Outing: State Park Hike

On Saturday, I took the bean to a state park near my mom’s house.  We had family in town and it was a quick trip that offered some nice views and trails for all abilities.  Plus, it was an activity that didn’t require particularly great weather: it was 60 and overcast.  Yes, these pictures with long pants and a (gasp) coat are from early August!   

As a new parent, I’m still learning EVERY. SINGLE. TIME that I go somewhere.  Last week, I forgot snacks when we went to a nearby beach.  What kind of rookie parent forgets snacks?  Me!  Here are the key take-aways from this particular outing:

Frequent breaks added a lot to the experience.  The bean had a great time exploring at the places we stopped.   Being on the ground offered her the tactile exploration that is missed while she is in the carrier.  Pine cones, chunky bark, many leaf shapes, and grasses were all super- interesting to her. 

Timing was perfect.  We went for a limited time (2 hrs) between naps.  This enabled us to have fun with minimal crankiness.  Any longer and I would have needed my full snack arsenal and (eventually) risked meltdown. 

Gear needs.  The ERGO is a great carrier.  And with a distance of under 2 miles, we did ok.  However, I could see how any more significant distance would require either: a) switching off with the hubs and/or other hiking companions, or b) a beefier backpack solution.  I would love to hear from you about which backpacks you have used and liked!


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